CC 2000 is a complete system for recording, monitoring and analysing vibration, using the web, cloud and PC platform

Download product sheet for CC2000  | Download free DEMO


CC2000 offers:

  • High resolution, high frequency sampling
  • Display time and frequency data during measurement
  • Briefcase size portable version
  • Multi channel version for online monitoring
  • Continuous recording, no lost events
  • Remote control, monitoring and analysis via Internet
  • Cloud data storage


  • Features
  • Time trace, FFT, Orbit, Bode plot, cursors
  • Run-out compensation
  • Scaling, measurement ID
  • Copy and paste to word processing docs
  • Transfer data to MS excel

Standard specifications

  • Runs on standard PC platforms and current MS operating systems
  • +/- 60 V to accommodate proximity probes and other current vibration transducers
  • 20 kHz bandwidth

Upgrade options and services

  • 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics by experienced machine analysts
  • Signal conditioning for special transducers
  • Higher sample rate
  • Customized signal analysis, alarm and display functions
  • Data file browsing, naming and ID via PC operating system

Download free DEMO